My rules, our pleasure

Booking Request

Please send me your booking enquiry as early as possible, but at least 2 days before the desired date. I only organise a few dates a month and want to be able to manage my time and energy well. Have you read my website carefully? Then I'm sure you can think of something to write in your first email to me. And if it's not yet a concrete plan, but your very first step, I'd appreciate it!


If we are meeting for the first time and/or I have a long journey, I will ask you for a small deposit. This is also possible anonymously. I often plan dates well in advance and keep the time free for you, plan around it. I will keep your deposit in any case, even if our date cannot take place as planned. We will then find a new date together.


Please hand me my fee in an unsealed envelope at the beginning of our date. If you prefer to transfer the money in advance, please allow enough time for the money to arrive before our date. It’s best to have even more on you, so you’re prepared should we spontaneously decide to extend the date. Extensions that end before midnight cost 200€ / hour, and after midnight costs 300€ / hour.

First time escort

Is this your first time thinking about booking an escort or has something always stopped you from doing so? This is the case for the majority of my clients. In my two years of experience as an escort, I've been through a lot in terms of prejudices and expectations on both sides. That's why I'm open to all your questions and concerns. Recently, I've also started offering an introductory offer where we can meet at a low threshold and get to know each other.

Duo Date

Two hands on your body are not enough? Sometimes that's not even the question. I appreciate the incomparable intimacy between two people like no other and it is also where I am most at home. However every now and then I also long for adventure with more than one. I have built up a good network of wonderful colleagues who will be happy to join us. Ask me about it and I will gladly organise it.

Your City

I like travelling and am not limited to Berlin and Hamburg. From 4-6 hours booking duration I like to come to you, if it fits into my schedule. Travelling expenses for dates outside of Berlin or Hamburg are covered by you. For more, scroll to the bottom of this page.

Travel Companion

Fly me to you or have me take a train. I would also be happy to accompany you on your travels to cities and countries, near and far. It's best if we've already had the pleasure of meeting before. For bookings over several days, please give me extra notice for planning.

Does all of this still sound good to you?
Then I have something for you:


I know that for many of you it is a very special luxury to meet me. And that's a good thing. Who does not want to plunge directly into the expensive adventure, may like to approach me on this get-to-know offer. 1 hour · In a café in Berlin / online · 150€ / 100€ request now


Would you like to spend time with me without getting physically intimate? Then this offer is perfect for you. We can do something together or just sit opposite each other over a coffee or wine and talk. 2 hours · 400€ request now

Blue Hour

The much too short time of the day, that is coined the Blue Hour, never does justice to its beauty. Only for existing clients. 2 hours · 800€ · request now

Golden Hour

It's somewhat the same with the golden hour. Warm light falls from the side and you just want to stop time. Let's hold the clock hands still together. 4 hours · 1200€ · request now

It already dawns on me

You can't get enough of me. More is more, so why not the 5-course menu at sunset… and then course 6? 6 hours · 1500€ · request now

Till we see stars

Show me the constellations through the hotel window and then kiss my closed eyelids good night. 16 hours · 2300€ · request now

Day on Day off

We will not be bored. At least we won't have to watch the time flying by. 24 hours · 3000€ · request now

With you days go by in a flash

There is so much to experience. Why don't we start right away? Or maybe we simply don't set an alarm clock. 48 hours · 4500€ · request now

The blue of distance

Travel with me around the world in 80 days. Fly me to you or stay with me on the ground. We could go by night train to Vienna or by TGV to Paris. Turn our distance into closeness · Prices upon request request now