Just pretend that your life is a movie

Independent Escort Berlin
...and wherever you are

You have gone in search of a fitting companion for a special experience. A woman with whom you can form a very special bond, framed only by time and money. And you have found me.

Escort Service
for you and for me

We will have direct contact; I am my own boss and no one earns from this but me. I cater to individual wishes as long as they are within my limits. This job is also a personal and exploratory journey for me. A creative outlet and a playground for adventures. We will remain professional but won’t be afraid to define what that term means for us.

Left: You can see the slim, unclothed silhouette of Independent Escort Niki Blau in the backlight in front of an open window. Right: Detail of Niki Blau running her hand over her naked upper body in the sunlight.

fairytale princess - kissing muse - self-determined whore - student of the arts of life - flâneuse in her fabulous world ...and what pleases you

nikiblau_orania_03 Close-up of Niki in front of light blue background. She has short dark brown curls, wears no clothes, but small golden creoles. She looks down with a smile.

I am Niki. Your tender companion, rebellious accomplice, your diary, an open book. A body covered tightly with silky skin that you can have a taste of, if you pay for it. The sweet curly head whose flushed cheeks dimple when you make her laugh. In the next moment, the queen who learned to jump red lights in Paris. Someone who doesn't dare to be the first on the empty dance floor but in the end is the only one left, still sweating and enjoying herself. And in the end, one thing above all: a dreamy soul that is always looking for moments of peace and affection on this earth that bring us humans closer together.

Left: Independent escort Niki Blau wears a short black dress and sits with naked bent legs in the white sheets of a hotel bed. Her head is cut off. Right: Niki Blau from frog perspective taking a shower outside. In the background a slightly cloudy blue sky.

Take me to a place

Do you sometimes feel isolated and trapped somehow? Are you longing for a shoulder to lean on, closeness, playfulness, adventure? You want to spend a time far away from your private life and your work routine. What I'm offering you is to be your temporary lover. To experience love, being held and sexual ecstasy with me within a defined framework. With me, you buy yourself freedom in a way. At least from the pressure of having to perform. Or to being someone at all. Someone I care about once said to me: "I forgot you were here for a moment. And that's the greatest thing for me." Although I have a strong side that wants to express myself and help shape the world, I also love the idea of companionship and disappearance. May I hold your umbrella?

Left: Shot of Niki

Cinemas are magical places. You sit together with strangers in the dark, everyone is on their own but everyone is in the same film.

When I want to escape reality for a moment, I watch a movie. I let myself be pulled into the fictional world of dreams, romance and banal or great thoughts. This short excursion into another world manages to get me off the hamster wheel and look at things more clearly and differently afterwards.

What are you doing here?

I have been a creative being in our society for as long as I can remember and now feel comfortable in the role of the outsider. That my academic studies were in the arts comes then of no surprise. The bottom line is that I used the freedom those years brought me. I tried out all kinds of things, worked in different jobs; always with one foot in the arts and the other in wage labour. Close to people, close to adventure, sometimes close and sometimes far from the ground. When sex work came into my life, everything seemed to come together through it. It gives me a challenge and freedom, sensuality and creativity, depth and cause for celebration.

plants naked body Detail of Niki

The Art of Service

Deep inside me is the artist who doesn't wish to be told what to do or how to do it. That's why I prefer to be an independent escort and my own boss, rather than working with an agency. I arrange everything in my own way. With me, our time together is about connecting and enjoying each other's time, not about checking off a list of services. Conversations and sex are better when both are equally involved. You shall value my time and the full attention I give you, and can just lean back. Just trust our natural flow or give me a chance to create one. I have a feeling you feel the same way if you've read this far.

soft smooth skin This picture could have been taken during an escort date. Niki Blau lies naked in white sheets, her silky soft skin lays tightly over her delicate body.

The most sexy is the mind

The experimental movie without a script. The wicked cocktail bar without a menu that only asks whether you prefer it smoky or fruity. You may leave the cinema with question marks in your mind and the feeling that you have just experienced something unusual or even inspiring. You'll take the first sip of your drink, smiling. How does she already know me so well?


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